Idioms and Phrases – Part 1

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Idioms and Phrases – Part 1. Idioms and Phrases meaning in Bengali. The Bengali meaning of the following Idioms and Phrases. Here we update part 1 as word start by A letter.

Idioms and Phrases – Part 1

Idioms and Phrases - Part 1

above all – meaning in Bengali – (mainly, chiefly প্রধানত) Rabindranath is, above all, a cosmopolitan (উদার, বিশ্বজনীন) personality (ব্যক্তিত্ব).

above board – meaning in Bengali – (bonafide, honest and open, স্পষ্ট ও সৎ) His remarks (মন্তব্য) is/are above board, I think.

acid test – meaning in Bengali – (ordeal, অগ্নি পরীক্ষা) Everyone must succeed in the acid test of the time he lives in.

according as – meaning in Bengali- (just as-অনুরুপ) Workers should be paid according as they need.

ABC – meaning in Bengali – (elementary things— প্রাথমিক জিনিস) He does not know the A B C of science.

a bed of roses – meaning in Bengali – (a comfortable situation- সুখকর অবস্থা) Life is not a bed of roses.

a black sheep – meaning in Bengali – (a bad person—কুলঙ্গার) There is a black sheep in our club.

above one’s station – meaning in Bengali – (beyond one’s ability, etc.— পদমর্যদার বাইরে) He will try his best but the post is above his station.

above one’s means – meaning in Bengali – (beyond one’s income-আয়ের অধিক) A scrupulous (বিবেচক) person does not live above his/her

above water – meaning in Bengali – (not to be unsuccessful- অকৃতকার্য না হওয়া) He tried to keep his head above water.

after all – meaning in Bengali – (in spite of all remarks to the contrary— সব কথার পরেও —adv.) Life is, after all, a benediction (আশীর্বাদ).

all along – meaning in Bengali – (all the time – সব সময় – adv.) He was present in the meeting all along.

all but – meaning in Bengali – (almost, about — প্রায় – adv.) He is all but ruined. The work is all but finished.

all in all – meaning in Bengali – (self-sufficient — সর্বেসর্বা, powerful—adv.) Nobody is all in all nowadays.

all in – meaning in Bengali – (exhausted, tired- পরিশ্রান্ত-adj.) I was all in after the meeting.

all and sundry – meaning in Bengali – (all people — সবাই -n) He invited all and sundry to his father’s funeral (সৎকার).

all at once – meaning in Bengali – (suddenly— হঠাৎ-adv.) All at once, the crazy man shouted to the top of his voice.

all for – meaning in Bengali – (কথ্য: favorable — অনুকূলে, অত্যন্ত আগ্রহী–adj.) He was all for going to the picnic.

all one to – meaning in Bengali – (একই কথা, কিছু আসে যায় না এমন) It is all one to me whether he helps me or not.

all out – meaning in Bengali – (সর্বশক্তি প্রয়োগে) The government has made its all out efforts to remove illiteracy (নিরক্ষরতা) from the country.

all over – meaning in Bengali – (everywhere সর্বত্র —adv.) The dog is found all over the world.

all the same – meaning in Bengali – (same, making no difference-একই কথা) It is all the same to me whether he comes or not.

all of – meaning in Bengali – (on) a sudden (suddenly–হঠাৎ-adv.) All of (on) a sudden the wall collapsed (ধ্বসে পড়ল), and the cat ran away.

all up with – meaning in Bengali – (thoroughly demoralized—পুরোপুরি, হতাশ, সব আশা শেষ) It is all up with the patient.

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all over with – meaning in Bengali – (সর্বশান্ত) It is all over with the old man.

all the same – meaning in Bengali – (despite—সত্ত্বেও) He is a rich man; all the same he is not happy.

all there – meaning in Bengali – (কথ্য: সম্পূর্ন সুস্থমস্তিস্ক-adj.) Today she is over sixty, yet she is all there.

advanced in life – meaning in Bengali – (aged, old-বৃদ্ধ -adj.) Though he is not much advanced in life, he is experienced.

again and again – meaning in Bengali – (frequently—বারবার – adv.) If any problem seems hard to you, you should think over it again and again.

against the grain – meaning in Bengali – (অনিচ্ছায়-beyond one’s willingness—adv.) He agreed with her to the proposal (প্রস্তাব) against the grain.

against the rainy day – meaning in Bengali – (to use during the bad times—দুর্যোগ মোকাবেলা করতে—Adv.) Wise men try to lay by something against the rainy day.

add fuel to the flame – meaning in Bengali – (ইন্ধন যোগান- v) This news will only add fuel to the flame of the misunderstanding.

a host in oneself – meaning in Bengali – (self-sufficient person – একাই একশ) He is a host in himself and does not need help.

a man of letters – meaning in Bengali – (a learned man-বিদ্বান ব্যক্তি-n.) Dr. Shahidullah was a man of letters.

a man of word – meaning in Bengali – (এক কথার লোক-n.) My uncle is a man of word.

a man of parts – meaning in Bengali – (গুণী ব্যক্তি, expert-n.) Her husband is a man of parts.

apple of one’s eye – meaning in Bengali – (beloved—চোখের মনি, নয়নের নিধি – n.) Biva is the apple of her mother’s eye.

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