Idioms and Phrases – Part 2

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Idioms and Phrases – Part 2 (English বাগধারা অর্থ). Idioms and Phrases meaning in Bengali. The Bengali meaning of the following Idioms and Phrases. Here we update part 2 as word start by A, as, at, etc letter.

Idioms and Phrases – Part 2

apple of discord – meaning in Bengali – (the main cause of quarrel ঝগড়ার কারন-n.) A broken toy is the apple of discord among the children.

anything but- meaning in Bengali – (not at all —মোটেই না —adv.) His statement is anything but true.

as usual – meaning in Bengali – (according to one’s habit—যথারীতি, অভ্যাস অনুসারে adv.) He arrived at school at 8 a. m. as usual.

Idioms and Phrases – Part 2

as a whole – meaning in Bengali – (মোটের উপর, সম্পূর্ন এক মনে করে-adv.) Look at life as a whole and you will see that it is meaningful.

as a rule – meaning in Bengali – (নিয়েম অনুসারে—adv.) As a rule, she kept silent in the meeting.

as ill-luck would have it – meaning in Bengali – (unfortunately- দুর্ভাগ্যবশতঃ—adv.) A child was born to them but, as ill-luck would have it, it died when it was eight days old.

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as if – meaning in Bengali – (as though-যেন-conj.) He behaves as if he were the owner of the house.

as though – meaning in Bengali – (as if- যেন, conj.) He behaves as though he were the owner of the house.

as the crow flies – meaning in Bengali – (direct, সোজাসুজি—adv.) The station is three kilometers away from here as the crow flies.

as it were – meaning in Bengali – (so to say—যেন-adv.) Religion is, as it were, the guide of the mind.

as for – meaning in Bengali – (regarding, about— সম্বন্ধে,-prep;) As for myself, I am innocent.

as regards – meaning in Bengali – (সম্বন্ধে,) He knows nothing as regards this occurrence.

as to – meaning in Bengali – (about, সম্বন্ধে, বিষয়ে) We decided as to where to go for a walk.

as the case may be – meaning in Bengali – (according to the need of the situation – অবস্থা অনুসারে, Adv.) Use this machine as the case may be.

at a loss – meaning in Bengali – (puzzled-কিংকর্তব্যবিমূঢ়, adj.) He was at a loss and could not understand what to say in reply.

at one’s wit’s end – meaning in Bengali – (কিংকর্তব্যবিমূড়, Adj.) He was at his wit’s end at the sight of the ghost.

at all costs – meaning in Bengali – (যতই ক্ষতি হোক adv.) He will keep his word at all costs.

at all events – meaning in Bengali – (whatever many happen—যা-ই ঘটুক না কেন—adv.) At all events, I will see you tomorrow.

at all hazards – meaning in Bengali – (in the face of all difficulties—শতবাধা বিপত্তি সত্বেও adv.) I will support your opinion at all hazards.

at all risk – meaning in Bengali – (at all hazards) I will support you at all risk.

at a stretch – meaning in Bengali – (এক নাগাড়ে, একটানা, without stopping-adv.) He can swim two miles at a stretch.

at best, at the best – meaning in Bengali – (at the upper extreme- বড়জোর -adv.) Our life is at best a continuous struggle.

at bottom – meaning in Bengali – (really- প্রকৃতপক্ষে, ভিতরে ভিতরে-at the core-adv.) Though ‍(যদিও) he looks cruel, he is kind at bottom.

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