West Coast University Nursing Program

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The West Coast University Nursing program is designed to prepare students and graduates for entry-level leadership positions in the nursing field. This comprehensive program combines a challenging curriculum with cutting-edge clinical experience to ensure that students are well prepared to meet their career goals.

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3. West Coast University
West Coast UniversityWith more than 100 years in education, 6 campus locations across the nation, and online programs built for working professionals, West Coast University is ...

9. Working at West Coast University | Jobs and Careers at WCU
Working at West Coast University | Jobs and Careers at WCUGet ready to transform futures, including your own. Learn about careers at West Coast University (WCU) and view open jobs here.

What kind of degree can I get through West Coast University's nursing program?

Students in the program have the opportunity to earn a Bachelor of Science in Nursing (BSN), an Associate of Applied Science (AAS) in Nursing, or even a Master of Science in Nursing (MSN).

Does West Coast University offer any online learning options?

Yes, West Coast University offers online classes, programs and degrees that allow students to complete their coursework from home or any other convenient location.

Does the program offer any practicum experience?

Yes! The program includes three distinct practicum courses where students can gain hands-on experience with real patients and medical staff.

Are there any prerequisites for enrollment in the nursing program?

Yes, applicants must have completed at least one college-level science course before applying for admission into the program.

All in all, the West Coast University Nursing Program offers a complete range of educational opportunities that can help aspiring nurses reach their goals. Regardless of your level of study or prior educational experience, this top-notch program will prepare you to be successful in your future nursing career.


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