Medical Assisting Associate Degree

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This medical assisting associate degree provides students with the skills and knowledge necessary to become a certified medical assistant. Upon completion of the program, graduates will be prepared to work in a variety of healthcare settings and perform important clinical and administrative tasks.

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What does the medical assisting associate degree program offer?

This medical assisting associate degree program offers instruction in both clinical and administrative duties. Students will gain hands-on experience in areas such as scheduling appointments, performing lab tests, administering medication, documenting patient information, and more.

What is required to complete this program?

To complete this medical assisting associate degree program, students must successfully complete 60 semester hours of coursework. Course topics cover medical terminology, diagnostic procedures, pharmacology, anatomy and physiology, legal issues in healthcare settings, and more.

What types of careers are available upon completion of the associate degree?

After completing this medical assisting associate degree program, graduates can pursue careers as medical assistants or other healthcare positions such as nurse's aides or clinical technicians. In addition to working directly with patients in hospitals and doctor's offices, graduates may also find employment working for insurance companies or pharmaceutical companies.

The Medical Assisting Associate Degree provides a comprehensive education for those wanting to begin a career in medicine or health care administration. Graduates will not only be prepared to work with patients but also have an understanding of the legal issues related to their field. With expert instruction from experienced faculty members and plenty of hands-on experience through internships and workshops provided by the college, graduates can confidently compete for top positions within the field upon completing their degree.


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