Dental Hygiene Programs In California

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Dental hygiene programs in California are designed to prepare students for the challenges of becoming a successful dental hygienist. With comprehensive curriculums and modern technology, this type of program can enable students to pass the National Board Dental Hygiene Examination and become a registered dental hygienist (RDH).

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1. Dental Hygiene Schools
Dental Hygiene SchoolsDental Hygiene Schools · Cabrillo College · Carrington College Sacramento · Carrington College San Jose · Cerritos College · Chabot College · Concorde Career College

5. Dental Hygiene Degree Program in California
Dental Hygiene Degree Program in CaliforniaAt SJVC, it can take about 16 months to complete the Dental Hygiene program and achieve an Associate of Science degree. Graduates are eligible to take the ...

What is the difference between dental hygiene programs in California and other states?

The curriculum within each state may differ, but all dental hygiene programs cover basic principles such as patient care, preventive dentistry, periodontal therapy and local anesthetic techniques. Additionally, many schools in California also have specialty courses such as digital radiography or chairside dental assisting that may not be offered at other schools.

Do I need any prerequisites for admission into a dental hygiene program?

Admission requirements vary by school. Generally speaking though, most schools require either a high school diploma or GED, completion of college-level courses in mathematics, science and English, and oral health assessments. Some may even require a certain grade point average or special training in medical terminology or Pharmacy Law.

How long will it take me to complete a dental hygiene program?

Most programs lead to an Associate’s Degree in Dental Hygiene which typically requires two years of full-time study or four years on part-time basis. After earning their degree, students must then apply for licensure by taking the board exam administered by Prometric Online Testing Centers.

Are there any financial aid options available for those enrolled in dental hygiene programs?

Yes! Financial aid is available through federal grants, scholarships from professional organizations and academic institutions as well as private sources. It is important to research all available options since some scholarships have specific requirements based upon GPA or intended career paths after completing the program.

In summary, Dental Hygiene Programs in California offer comprehensive instruction with access to advanced technology that enables graduates to become successful RDH’s with extensive knowledge and experience in the field of oral care.


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