Idioms and Phrases – Part 3 (English বাগধারা অর্থ)

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Idioms and Phrases – Part 3 (English বাগধারা অর্থ). Idioms and Phrases meaning in Bengali. at the bottom of , at the latest. The Bengali meaning of the following Idioms and Phrases. Here we update part 3 as word start by A, as, at, etc letter.

Idioms and Phrases – Part 3 (English বাগধারা অর্থ)

at the bottom of – meaning in Bengali – (শীর্ষে), The boy shouted at the bottom of his voice. at the top of — The boy shouted at the top of his voice.

at times – meaning in Bengali – (মাঝে মাঝে) He at times comes here.

at random – meaning in Bengali – (indiscriminately—এলোপাথাড়ি-adv.) He talks at random like a mad man.

at liberty – meaning in Bengali – (free-মুক্ত-adj.) They are at liberty to go anywhere.

at a standstill – meaning in Bengali – (নিশ্চল, অচলাবস্থায়-adj.) The discussion is now at a standstill.

Idioms and Phrases – Part 3

at-fault  – meaning in Bengali – (guilty-কিংকর্তব্যবিমূঢ়, অপরাধ, দোষ adj.) You are at fault.

at one’s elbow – meaning in Bengali – (near at hand — হাতের কাছে – adv.) His private secretary is always at his elbow.

at the latest – meaning in Bengali – (খুব বেশি দেরী হলে-adv.) He will arrive here at 5 p. m. at the latest.

at the eleventh hour – meaning in Bengali – (at the last moment-শেষ মুহুর্তে adv.) The patient was in a dangerous condition and the doctor came at the eleventh hour.

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at the point of – meaning in Bengali – (very near to- সন্নিকটে-adv.) He is at the point of death.

at length – meaning in Bengali – (after a long time অনেক পরে —adv.) The man came to a good decision at length.

at length – meaning in Bengali – (elaborately — বিস্তারিতভাবে adv.) We discussed the matter at length and came to a unanimous decision.

at dagger’s drawn – meaning in Bengali – (severe enmity- ভীষন শত্রুতায়-adv.) The two brothers are at dagger’s drawn with each other.

at arm’s length – meaning in Bengali – (for-দুরে – adv.) Keep bad boys at arm’s length.

at one’s heels – meaning in Bengali – (পাছেপাছে-adv.) We followed the thief at his heels.

at sixes and sevens – meaning in Bengali – (at random – এলোমেলো) I found the books on the is the table at sixes and sevens.

at large – meaning in Bengali – (freely স্বাধীনভাবে-adv.) clouds roam about at large in the sky.

at variance with – meaning in Bengali – (irrelevant to- বিসদৃশভাবে; মিলহীন; বিরূদ্ধে) His works are at variance with his words.

at stake – meaning in Bengali – (in danger-বিপাদপন্ন) — This family is now at stake.

at one’s finger’s end – meaning in Bengali – (in one’s knowledge – নখদর্পনে, জানাশোনার আওতায়)— Every important niche (কোনা, আনাচ-কানচ) of this town is at his finger’s end.

at the verge of – meaning in Bengali – (at the point of সন্নিকটে) The unscrupulous (অবিবেক) man is now at the verge of ruin.

at issue – meaning in Bengali – (point of discussion, moot point–তর্কের বিষয়) The main point at the issue of the meeting was the population problem of Bangladesh.

at the end of one’s letter – meaning in Bengali – ( ক্ষমতা বা আয়ের শেষ সীমায়) Now, the old man is at the end of his letter.

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