Idioms and Phrases – Part 4 (বাগধারা অর্থ)

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Idioms and Phrases – Part 4 (English বাগধারা অর্থ). Idioms and Phrases meaning in Bengali. at any cost, at any rate,  at dead of night, at first hand, at first sight – meaning in Bengali – (প্রথম দেখাতেই). The Bengali meaning of the following Idioms and Phrases.

Idioms and Phrases – Part 4

at (the) most – meaning in Bengali – (at best-বড়জোর) He is at most a twenty-one-year-old man.

at any cost – meaning in Bengali – (by any means-যে কোন উপায়ে) He will do it at any cost.

at any rate – meaning in Bengali – (at any cost-যে কোন উপায়ে) She must come at any rate before 5 p. m.

at bay – meaning in Bengali – (কোনঠাসা, শান্ত) The once-strong family is now at bay for financial problems.

Idioms and Phrases – Part 4

at dead of night – meaning in Bengali – (গভীর রাতে) The police caught the thief at dead of night.

at death’s door – meaning in Bengali – (at the point of death- মৃত্যুর দ্বারে) The patient is now at W death’s door.

at ease – meaning in Bengali – (in peace or pleasure – শান্তিতে বা আরামে) A man who has enemies can not live at ease.

at every step – meaning in Bengali – (প্রতি পদে পদে) There are dangers at every step in our life and yet (তবুও) we want to live.

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at a deadlock – meaning in Bengali – (পুরোপুরি অচল অবস্থায়) The Farakka negotiation is now at a deadlock.

at first hand – meaning in Bengali – (in the beginning—প্রথমেই) He got a satisfactory (সন্তোষজনক) h reward at first hand.

at first sight – meaning in Bengali – (প্রথম দেখাতেই) I could not recognize him at the first sight.

at leisure – meaning in Bengali – (অবসর সময়ে)-Man does the most important thing at leisure.

at the outset – meaning in Bengali – (in the beginning – শুরুতেই) The marathon runner stumbled (হোচট খেল) at the outset of the race.

English বাগধারা অর্থ

at the advent of – meaning in Bengali – (at the arrival of – আগমনে), False friends came at the advent of good days in a person’s life.

at the close of – meaning in Bengali – (after the end of—পরিশেষে, অবসান হলে) The boys started for their respective homes at the close of the school period.

at the disposal of – meaning in Bengali – (under the authority of – কর্তৃত্বাধীন), There are three posts of an accountant at the disposal of the Managing Director of the company.

at the heat of the moment – meaning in Bengali – (in the moment when one is emotional – উত্তেজনার মুহূর্তে) Do not take any decision at the heat of the moment.

at one’s back – meaning in Bengali – (behind the screen, secretly – গোপনে, অসাক্ষাতে) Never speak anything of any of your friends at his back.

at one’s beck and call – meaning in Bengali – (obedient আজ্ঞাধীন বাধ্য) The children are not at the father’s beck and call.

at one’s sweet will – meaning in Bengali – (কারোর অভিরুচিতে) A man can not do anything, he likes in the society at his sweet will.

at present – meaning in Bengali – (বর্তমানে) He was once a poor farmer but by dint of (বদৌলতে) hard labour he has become rich at present.

at a pinch of – meaning in Bengali – (for the necessity of – প্রয়োজনের তাগিদে), You have to change some of your decisions at a pinch of the situation.

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