Dental Hygiene Schools In California

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Career opportunities in dental hygiene are available throughout the United States. In California, there are a variety of accredited schools and programs offering relevant coursework to become a licensed dental hygienist. This article outlines some of the most prominent and established dental hygiene schools in California.

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1. Dental Hygiene Schools
Dental Hygiene SchoolsDental Hygiene Schools · Cabrillo College · Carrington College Sacramento · Carrington College San Jose · Cerritos College · Chabot College · Concorde Career College

7. Dental Hygiene Degree Program in California
Dental Hygiene Degree Program in CaliforniaIn search of dental hygiene programs in California? Earn an AS degree in Dental Hygiene at our schools in Ontario and Visalia, CA.

What type of degrees do these schools offer?

Most of these schools offer a Bachelor's degree program as well as Certificate or Associate's degrees. Some may even provide Master's Degree options.

How long does it usually take to complete these programs?

Depending on the type of degree desired, the length of time can vary from 1-4 years. The associate's degrees typically take two years to complete, while bachelor's and master's degrees require four years for completion.

What types of courses will I be taking during my program?

Courses will vary depending on the individual school, but generally involve anatomy, microbiology, pathology, pharmacology, materials science and nutrition. Hands-on clinical practice is also included in many of these programs.

The dental hygiene schools in California provide a quality education that can prepare graduates for success in their chosen profession. With various options available for different levels of study, students are able to find one that best fits their needs and career goals.


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