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Dental hygiene programs in California offer individuals the opportunity to become licensed dental hygienists in the state. These programs provide a comprehensive curriculum that covers topics such as anatomy, physiology, nutrition, pharmacology, periodontology, and radiology. In addition to classroom lectures and clinical practice experiences, students can also take part in internships and externships with local dental offices. By completing an accredited program in dental hygiene, graduates are eligible for licensure to practice dental hygiene in California.

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1. Dental Hygiene Schools
Dental Hygiene SchoolsDental Hygiene Schools · Cabrillo College · Carrington College Sacramento · Carrington College San Jose · Cerritos College · Chabot College · Concorde Career College

5. Dental Hygiene Degree Program in California
Dental Hygiene Degree Program in CaliforniaIn search of dental hygiene programs in California? Earn an AS degree in Dental Hygiene at our schools in Ontario and Visalia, CA.

10. Dental Hygiene Program
Dental Hygiene ProgramUnder AB 927 and authorized by the State Chancellor's Office, the Dental Hygiene Program at Foothill College offers a Bachelor of Science degree in Dental ...

What type of topics are covered in dental hygiene programs?

Dental hygiene programs cover topics such as anatomy, physiology, nutrition, pharmacology, periodontology, and radiology.

Is licensure required for practicing dental hygiene?

Yes. To practice dental hygiene in California you must have a license which requires completion of an accredited program in dental hygiene.

Are internships or externships available to students enrolled in these programs?

Yes. Many programs offer internships and externships at local offices allowing students to gain hands-on experience while they complete their studies.

Completing a dental hygiene program provides individuals with the skill and knowledge necessary to become licensed practitioners of the field. A comprehensive curriculum is offered covering topics relevant to the industry as well as internship opportunities for practical application of this knowledge.


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