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A babysitter is a responsible person who looks after and cares for another person's children when the parents are absent. This can be on a regular basis or for a one-off situation. The word is also commonly used to refer to occasional childcare providers who offer services between the hours of 4pm and 8am - commonly referred to as overnight care.

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What age do you have to be to be a babysitter?

In order to become a babysitter, you typically need to be over the age of 16, although this can vary depending on the jurisdiction. If younger, then parental supervision is often required.

Are there any qualifications needed to become a babysitter?

Most babysitters will have undergone some kind of training or qualification such as a CPR course or first aid training. It is also common for sitters to undergo background checks and references may be requested by parents prior to hiring someone for the role.

How much does a babysitter typically make?

Babysitters typically charge an hourly rate that varies by region and experience level. Rates generally range from $10-$20/hour but can sometimes exceed this amount depending on experience, location and responsibilities.

Babysitting is an important responsibility that requires maturity, patience, trustworthiness and respect from both the child(ren) being looked after as well as their parents or guardians. With the right qualifications and attitude, it can be an incredibly rewarding job for those looking for flexible working hours and competitive pay rates.


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