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The expression "ambulance chaser" refers to lawyers who attempt to solicit clients or cases after an accident. They come in the form of advertisements, emails, and even door-to-door personal visits. The phrase has become so widely used that it has been adopted in a derogatory sense to describe any lawyer who excessively seeks out new clients in the aftermath of a disaster or tragedy.

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2. Ambulance chaser Definition & Meaning |
Ambulance chaser Definition & Meaning | Dictionary.comAmbulance chaser definition, a lawyer who seeks accident victims as clients and encourages them to sue for ... Also called, British Slang, accident tout .

4. definition of Ambulance chasing by The Free Dictionary
definition of Ambulance chasing by The Free Dictionaryslang US a lawyer who seeks to encourage and profit from the lawsuits of accident victims. ambulance chasing n. Collins English Dictionary – Complete and ...

10. Ambulance chasing - Wikipedia
Ambulance chasing or barratry is a term which refers to a lawyer soliciting for clients at a disaster site. The term "ambulance chasing" comes from the stereotype ...

What does “ambulance chaser” mean?

An ambulance chaser is a lawyer who aggressively solicits clients or cases after an accident.

How do ambulance chasers typically find potential clients?

Ambulance chasers tend to advertise their services extensively, often through email campaigns and door-to-door visits.

Are all lawyers considered “ambulance chasers”?

No, not all lawyers are considered “ambulance chasers”. The term is typically used in a derogatory way to describe lawyers who excessively seek out new clients in the aftermath of a disaster or tragedy.

Is there anything illegal about “ambulance chasing”?

In some states, ambulance chasing is considered illegal as it can be seen as taking advantage of vulnerable people in distressful situations. Therefore, it is always important for attorneys to research the specific laws regarding solicitation in their state before engaging any such practices.

The expression "ambulance chaser" may evoke negative associations and connotations but without solicitation activities law firms wouldn't be able to find potential clients and represent them when they need it most. It's essential for attorneys practicing this kind of activity to know their obligations under local laws governing such practices however not all solicitations are seen as unethical or illegal activities.


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