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Alto is a term used in Spanish language that can mean several different things. In this article, we'll discuss what alto means and explore some relevant FAQs about its usage.

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2. Alto | Spanish to English Translation - SpanishDict
Alto | Spanish to English Translation - SpanishDictalto · 1. (persona, árbol, edificio). a. tall · 2. (montaña). a. high · 3. (indica posición elevada). a. high · 4. (piso). a. top, upper. en lo alto deat the top of · 5. (cantidad, ...

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9. ALTO - Definition and synonyms of alto in the Spanish dictionary
ALTO - Definition and synonyms of alto in the Spanish dictionaryMeaning of alto in the Spanish dictionary with examples of use. Synonyms for alto and translation of alto to 25 languages.

What does "alto" mean in Spanish?

The word "alto" is a versatile term that can have multiple meanings depending on the context it is used in. It can mean "high," as in something that is tall or elevated, or it can mean "stop," as in when you want someone to pause what they are doing. It can also be used to indicate volume, such as saying "habla más alto" which translates to "speak louder."

How is "alto" conjugated for different tenses?

Depending on the tense, the word "alto" will be conjugated differently. In the present tense, alto becomes altos for plural nouns, while alta is used with feminine nouns; and in preterite form it is altó or altaron respectively. Additionally, there are other forms of conjugation depending on certain tenses or verb patterns.

Is "alto" ever used figuratively?

Yes, the word alto can be used figuratively to refer to someone's rank or social standing within a group or organization. For example, if someone has achieved a high position within an organization they might be referred to as un alto ejecutivo which translates to a high executive.

Can I use “alto” as an adverb?

Yes, the word “alto” can also be used adverbially as well as adjectivally. An example sentence would be “Habla muy alto” which translates to “speaks very loudly”—it implies that you not only want them to increase their volume but speak at an elevated level of loudness beyond what they currently are doing.

As we have explored in this article, alto has many different meanings and uses in Spanish language and conversation alike. Whether it is meant literally or figuratively, understanding how and when to use it correctly will help improve your Spanish speaking abilities!


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