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Alto is a musical term used to refer to one of the lowest-pitched voices or instruments in a musical ensemble. Alto singing has a vocal range higher than tenor and lower than soprano singing. It is considered to be the middle voice between the sopranos at the top end and tenors at the bottom end.

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1. Alto | Definition of Alto by Merriam-Webster
Alto | Definition of Alto by Merriam-Websterhaving a range that is lower than a soprano and higher than a tenor. See the full definition for alto in the English Language Learners Dictionary. alto. noun.

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8. Alto - definition of alto by The Free Dictionary
Alto - definition of alto by The Free DictionaryDefine alto. alto synonyms, alto pronunciation, alto translation, English dictionary definition of alto. high Examples of words with the root alto-: altostratus Abused, ...

10. alto in Spanish | English-Spanish translator | Nglish by Britannica
alto in Spanish | English-Spanish translator | Nglish by Britannica5 Translation results for alto in Spanish · alto noun · alto adjetivo · alto adverbio · alto sustantivo · alto interjección · Reverse translation for alto.

What is alto?

Alto is a vocal or instrumental range that is higher than tenor but lower than soprano. It is usually considered as the middle voice between the two other ranges.

Who typically sings alto?

Alto singers are usually female, although there are instances where male alto singers can be found in choirs, ensembles, and songwriting groups. Alto singers vary from praticipant to participant, however they generally have a rich, full sound that serves as an important part of any musical group or performance.

What kind of music does alto work with?

Alto works with many different genres and styles of music, including choral music, classical music, jazz, rock & roll, pop/modern music, folk songs and spirituals. Its versatility makes it suitable for many contexts within each genre.

How long has alto been used musically?

The term 'alto' has been around since at least 1500 when it was used during religious chants and liturgies in churches across Europe. Since then it has developed over time into what we know today as contemporary alto singing which can be found in a variety of genres around the world.

Overall, alto is an essential piece of any musical group as its range provides both depth and breadth for performances ranging from classical compositions to modern pop songs. Whether sung by males or females, learned professionals or casual enthusiasts alike; this singular range will always form an essential part of any successful ensemble.


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