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Paralegal courses are a great way to become qualified in the field of law. These courses provide individuals with the knowledge and skills needed to help attorneys with legal research, case preparation and court documents. By gaining a Certificate in Paralegal Studies students can open up a world of opportunities for themselves in this field.

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4. Paralegal at PCC
Paralegal at PCCThe Portland Community College Paralegal program has provided students with the fundamental skills and training necessary for success in the legal field ...

5. Certificate in Paralegal Studies - Online Paralegal School - National ...
Paralegal Certificate · Time required to complete the paralegal certificate program · Core legal courses · Elective legal courses.

8. Paralegal Studies Associate in Science | Miami Dade College
Paralegal Studies Associate in Science | Miami Dade College"A legal assistant or paralegal is a person, qualified by education, training or work experience, who is employed or retained by a lawyer, law office, ...

9. Certificate in Paralegal Studies - UW Professional & Continuing ...
Certificate in Paralegal Studies - UW Professional & Continuing ...Paralegals play a vital role in the legal profession, providing key support services to attorneys in both public and private practice. Paralegal training ...

What type of qualifications do I need to take a paralegal course?

You typically will not need any prior qualifications or experience as long as you are over 18 years old and have successfully completed high school. Some institutions may also require applicants to have taken some relevant college-level courses before enrolling on their paralegal program.

How long does it take to complete a paralegal course?

This will depend on the institution you choose, however most courses range from 6 months – 2 years depending on the program’s structure.

What kind of careers can I pursue with a paralegal qualification?

With your paralegal qualification, you can pursue many different types of legal jobs such as working in law offices, courts, companies or government organizations. You could also specialize in certain areas such as family law or criminal justice if you wish.

Will I receive recognition for completing my paralegal course?

Yes - upon successful completion of your studies, you should receive an accredited certificate or diploma that recognizes your new qualification and skills. In addition, many organizations also offer certifications that will make your resume even more attractive.

Becoming qualified as a Paralegal is an exciting step towards pursuing a career in the legal industry. Gaining experience and qualifications will enable individuals to get ahead during their job search and ultimately secure their future career prospects.


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