How To Upgrade Peacock To Premium Plus

By Team MeaningKosh

Peacock is an online streaming service that offers free plans and premium plus plans. Upgrading from the free plan to the premium plus plan gives you access to additional content including live sports, ad-free streaming and more. Here is a guide for how to upgrade your Peacock subscription to the premium plus plan.

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1. Can I reduce the number of ads I see on Peacock Premium?
To upgrade to Peacock Premium Plus from a Peacock Premium plan, sign in to your account and go to Plans and Payments to select an upgrade plan.

4. I want to upgrade to peacock premium plus… - Apple Community
If you had Free or had started Premium in the Peacock TV app on an Apple device, then you can upgrade to Premium Plus in the Peacock TV app ...

How much does it cost to upgrade to the premium plus plan?

The cost of upgrading to the premium plus plan will depend on your current subscription. You can view pricing details in your account settings or contact customer service for more information.

What features are included with the premium plus plan?

The premium plus plan includes unlimited ad-free streaming, early access to select movies & shows, live sports & news coverage, exclusive extra features and more.

Does upgrading my subscription reset my watch list?

No, upgrading your subscription will not affect your watch list. All of your saved titles and playlists will remain intact after you upgrade.

Is there a free trial available for the premium plus plan?

Yes, Peacock does offer a 7 day free trial for the premium plus plan so you can test out all of its features before committing to purchase it.

Upgrading from a free plan to a Premium Plus Plan on Peacock gives you access to additional content including live sports, ad-free streaming and more. With this guide, you should now understand how easy it is to upgrade and what new features come with this package.


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