How To Use Peacock App With Xfinity

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The Peacock app with Xfinity is a streaming platform that provides live and on-demand access to great shows, movies, sports, news, and more. It includes over 20,000 hours of top network shows like The Office, Parks & Recreation, and Modern Family; plus blockbuster films; classic series; NBC Sports events; exclusive Peacock originals and much more. With Xfinity you can watch from any device – whether it be laptop or TV – when your connected to the internet.

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4. Xfinity Customers Get Peacock Premium - Peacock
Xfinity Customers Get Peacock Premium - PeacockStep 1: Open the Peacock app on Xfinity Flex or X1. Create a Peacock account. ; Step 2: Enter your email. (Yup, that's it!) Link your Xfinity account to Peacock.

9. How to Watch Peacock with Xfinity |
How to Watch Peacock with Xfinity | CableTV.comPress the Xfinity button on your Xfinity voice remote. · Use the arrow buttons to navigate to Apps. · Using the arrow buttons, select the Peacock app. · To search ...

How do I sign up for the Peacock app with Xfinity?

To get started with Peacock, you must first be an Xfinity customer. Then head to to create your account and start enjoying the service.

Are there any extra charges for using the Peacock app?

With Xfinity, customers receive a free version of Peacock that includes thousands of hours of entertainment (movies, TV shows and sports). Customers can also upgrade their experience by upgrading to one of Peacock’s premium plans which are available at an additional cost.

Is the content on Peacock different than what I see on my existing Xfinity services?

Yes! There are many unique features available through the Peacock app that you won’t find anywhere else including exclusive library titles such as National Geographic documentaries and E! television programs as well as daily sports programming from NBC Sports Network that can only be accessed through the app.

Can I use my mobile device for watching content on the app?

Absolutely! The Peacock App is available for Apple iOS devices running iOS 8 or later as well as Android devices running 4.4 or later. In addition to downloading it directly from an App Store like iTunes or Google Play Store, customers can also download it from within their Xfinity TV Go service.

Can I control which shows my family members watch?

Yes! You can customize parental controls for each profile created in order to restrict certain content based on your preferences. To adjust these settings within the Peacock App simply go into Settings > Accounts > Profiles & Settings > Parental Controls/Ratings Lock

Whether you’re looking for classic throwbacks or today’s hottest hits in movies and television shows -Xfinity makes it easy to access all of this great content through its new streaming platform called “Peacock”. Best of all – it allows you to enjoy entertainment options tailored specifically for your viewing pleasure no matter where you are or what device you use!


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