Georgetown Masters In Real Estate

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The Georgetown Masters in Real Estate program offers graduates the opportunity to gain highly specialized knowledge of the real estate industry. Through a blend of traditional and cutting-edge teaching methods, the program equips students with innovative skills and practical tools for success in the global real estate market.

Table Of Content:

7. Master of Science in Global Real Assets | McDonough School of ...
Earn your Georgetown McDonough MBA at one of the nation's best business schools ... To impact the future of the real estate industry, our students focus on ...

8. Home - Steers Global Real Estate
Home - Steers Global Real EstateMake a real difference. Embark your career in global real estate now. ... Georgetown McDonough Announces M.S. in Global Real Assets.

What is the duration of this program?

The Georgetown Masters in Real Estate program lasts 18 months, including online and offline courses.

What type of career opportunities will I have upon completion?

Upon successful completion of the program, graduates can find employment in areas such as investment banking, real estate development, corporate finance, and asset management.

What types of courses are offered?

Courses include topics such as urban planning theory and practice, market analysis, project management, real estate law and ethics, sustainability strategies, financial models and valuation techniques.

Are there any internship or research opportunities available with this program?

Yes. The Georgetown Masters in Real Estate program provides opportunities for internships with local organizations as well as individual research projects related to their chosen concentration.

The Georgetown Masters in Real Estate is an exceptional opportunity for individuals who wish to pursue a career in real estate-related fields. With a comprehensive curriculum taught by experienced faculty members from diverse backgrounds combined with access to internship and research opportunities, this program prepares students to lead in today's complex global real estate market.


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