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Dental hygienists in California are among the highest paid professional health care workers in the state due to the current demand for their services. On average, those employed full-time earn an annual wage of around $89,390, but the actual figure may vary depending on education level and years of experience.

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10. Dental Hygiene Board of California
Dental Hygiene Board of CaliforniaA web site for the State of California, Department of Consumer Affairs, Board on Dental Auxiliaries.

What is the average salary of a dental hygienist in California?

The average salary for a full-time dental hygienist in California is around $89,390 per year.

How does educational level impact dental hygiene salaries in California?

Those with higher levels of education generally command higher salaries. Practitioners with graduate or doctorate degrees may earn more than those with associate's or bachelor's degrees.

Does experience matter when it comes to dental hygiene salaries in California?

Yes, experience can have an effect on dental hygiene salaries in California. Those with many years of experience typically earn more than newer practitioners without as much experience.

Are there other factors that affect dental hygiene salaries in California?

Location can play a role in how much one earns as a dental hygienist in California; practitioners working in certain regions may receive a higher wage than those working elsewhere.

Is there potential for career advancement within the field of dental hygiene?

There are various pathways available for advancing within the field of dental hygiene such as moving into administrative roles or becoming specialized instructors or supervisors. This can lead to increased earning potential over time.

Working as a dental hygienist offers competitive pay and plenty of opportunities for growth and development within the profession. With proper training, education, and experience, there exists potential for earning well above average wages for this occupation in California.


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