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Converting a personal Verizon account to a business account is an excellent decision for individuals who need to keep track of their communication more carefully and efficiently. This guide will explain the suite of products that are available when you convert as well as how to get it done and frequently asked questions.

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4. Switch to Verizon | Phone Plans & Deals
Postpaid & Prepaid phone plans on America's most awarded network. Bring your own device & switch to Verizon today to start saving with these great deals.

8. Business Plans, Services, and Solutions | Verizon Business
Business Plans, Services, and Solutions | Verizon BusinessIncluding business wireless, business internet, services, and solutions. ... Also, save up to $450 when you switch to Verizon & bring your smartphone ...

What products can I access when I convert?

When converting, you have access to a wide range of services including voice and data plans, device protection programs, employee discounts, and more. You will also be able to switch from prepaid cell phone plans, which tend to have very limited features, or postpaid which allow for software updates and elevated features.

How long does it take to make the switch?

The process takes place within 24 hours. You just need to contact your current provider with your request. Most providers will then send information about cancelling your existing plan and setting up a new one if desired.

What are the benefits of making the switch?

After switching over you will enjoy increased data limits, better customer service options, better control over how much money you’re spending on your cell phone bill each month. Business owners may also enjoy group buying discounts so they can purchase bulk items such as tablets or phones at discounted prices.

Are there any special requirements needed in order to make the switch?

Depending on the carrier you are currently with, certain requirements may be necessary before making the switchover - such as providing proof of business ownership or registering your business in various state databases. Additionally some carriers require contracts when signing up for corporate plans that run for several months at a time.

How do I know my data is secure when transferring over?

When transferring over from a personal account to a professional account all information regarding transactions is safely encrypted by both parties involved in order ensure there is no breach in privacy or security during the process.

Converting from a personal Verizon account to a business account allows users access to higher data limits and other beneficial services that can help improve their communication needs while still offering peace of mind in regards privacy and security measures through encryption technology used during the transfer process.


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