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A Chinese credenza is a type of furniture originally used by Europeans during the Victorian period and later adopted by the Chinese. This piece of furniture is typically made from wood, and can come in many different forms and styles, such as an armoire, chest-on-chest, or buffet. It was usually built with drawers or other storage space for storing items such as clothing, books, dishes and other small items.

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What type of furniture is a Chinese credenza?

A Chinese credenza is a type of furniture typically made from wood, and can come in many different forms and styles such as an armoire, chest-on-chest or buffet.

How long has the Chinese credenza been around?

The Chinese credenza was first introduced during the Victorian period in Europe and later adopted by the Chinese.

What materials are used to make a Chinese credenza?

The Chinese credenza is typically made from wood.

Where would I find a Chinese credenza?

You can find a Chinese credenza in stores that specialize in antique furniture or vintage furniture shops. You may also be able to find one at auctions or through online classifieds sites.

What is the purpose of a Chinese credenza?

A Chinese credenza might be used as an entryway piece for coats, hats and umbrellas, or it could be used for storage in kitchens or bedrooms for glasses, dishes and clothing items.

The traditional design of a Chinese Credenza makes it perfect for adding a touch of elegance to any home decorating scheme; whether used as an accent piece or for practical storage purposes it will make an attractive addition to any room.


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