Can You Get Peacock With Xfinity

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Peacock is an American streaming service owned by NBCUniversal. It allows for users to access thousands of movies, shows, and live sports broadcast. Xfinity offers its customers the option to subscribe to Peacock to stream content on any device at any time.

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1. Xfinity Customers Get Peacock Premium - Peacock
Xfinity Customers Get Peacock Premium - PeacockEligible Xfinity subscribers get access to Peacock Premium at no additional cost. Stream current hits, timeless classics, exclusive Originals, WWE, ...

4. Peacock on Xfinity – The New Streaming Service from NBCUniversal
Peacock on Xfinity – The New Streaming Service from NBCUniversalStream Peacock on X1 and Xfinity Flex at no extra cost ... Enjoy Peacock, the streaming service from NBCUniversal. That's a $4.99/mo value. Kick back with ...

7. How to Watch Peacock with Xfinity |
How to Watch Peacock with Xfinity | CableTV.comPeacock Premium (regularly $4.99 a month) is free to Xfinity Flex customers as well as Xfinity X1 and TV customers with Xfinity internet or Xfinity's Digital ...

What type of content is available on Peacock?

Peacock offers a wide variety of content including current and classic hit TV shows, exclusive original series and films, major sporting events like the Olympics and Premier League, late-night comedy programming, family favorites, live news coverage from MSNBC, CNBC and NBC News Now.

How much does Peacock cost?

Peacock comes in two membership tiers – Basic (free) or Premium ($4.99/month). The Premium tier also provides access to additional content not available on the basic tier including early access to select series and more episodes per season of shows.

Does Xfinity include a free subscription to Peacock?

Xfinity offers its customers the option to subscribe to either the Basic or Premium version of Peacock at no additional cost as part of their Xfinity TV package.

Are there ads on Peacock?

Yes, there are advertisements in both the Basic and Premium versions of Peacock. However, Premium subscribers can expect fewer commercials than those who only use the Basic tier.

Can I watch content offline with my subscription?

No, it is not possible to download content from the Peacock platform for offline viewing at this time.

Xfinity customers have the option to enjoy hours of entertainment through their subscription to either the basic or premium version of Peacock without any additional fees. Whether you prefer watching hit tv shows or live sports broadcast—Peacock has something for everyone!


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