Basic Officer Leader Course

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This Basic Officer Leader Course (BOLC) is intended to provide officers with the skills, knowledge, and abilities necessary to lead in the modern military. Described as an “initial entry-level course that provides newly-commissioned lieutenants with the foundation required for success in their new officer roles within their branch of service”, this training program combines classroom instruction and practical hands-on experience.

Table Of Content:

BASIC OFFICER LEADER COURSE (BOLC)BASIC OFFICER LEADER COURSE (BOLC). Welcome. Welcome to the Medical Center of Excellence (MEDCoE), and congratulations on your Commission!

5. Infantry Basic Officer Leader Course (IBOLC) - Fort Benning
Infantry Basic Officer Leader Course (IBOLC) - Fort BenningAug 31, 2022 ... Infantry Basic Officer Leader Course ... become competent and adaptive Infantry Officers, imbued with the Warrior Ethos and prepared to lead ...

8. ADA BOLC-B | Fort Sill | Oklahoma | Fires Center of Excellence
The training you will complete over the 18 Weeks and 3 Days of the Basic Officer Leader Course (BOLC) will be both mentally challenging and physically ...

10. BOLD - LLC
Sep 15, 2022 ... BOLC Introduction Video BOLC Welcome Letter. Welcome to the Logistics Basic Officer Leadership Course,. On behalf of the Army Logistics ...

What topics are covered in BOLC?

The Basic Officer Leadership Course covers a range of topics such as leadership/command philosophy, ethics, communication/writing tactics, decision making processes, military law, Army regulations and structures, customs and courtesies of the service branch.

How long does BOLC last?

The length of BOLC varies depending on the service branch; typically it takes anywhere from 10 weeks to 6 months for most branches.

What type of environment does BOLC provide?

BOLC provides a challenging learning environment with both theoretical and practical components. Classroom sessions cover various leadership theory concepts while field exercises combine practical application in order to develop leadership skills.

The Basic Officer Leadership Course is designed to prepare officers for success in their new roles by introducing them to key principles of leadership and providing relevant hands-on experience. Graduates leave the program with a better understanding of what it means to lead in the military, enabling them to become effective leaders in all aspects of their duties.


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