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Addiction is a behavioral disorder that is characterized by an uncontrollable urge for something, usually referring to substances such as drugs, alcohol, or even activities like gambling and shopping. Addiction can manifest in many different ways and can affect individuals both physically and mentally. It is important to recognize the signs of addiction in order to seek help and start the recovery process.

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1. Addicted Synonyms, Addicted Antonyms | Merriam-Webster Thesaurus
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4. Addiction Definition & Meaning |
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Glossary of over 200 top addiction-related words defined | The verified reference for addressing the ... Complete abstinence: continuous abstinence from all alcohol and other drugs; Involuntary abstinence: ... Literally means having no name.

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To help clarify the meaning of addiction-related terms as used by ASAM, the ... long and short definitions of addiction* as well as definitions for terms related to ... for addiction are generally as successful as those for other chronic diseases.

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What are some of the signs of addiction?

The most common signs of addiction include an increase in tolerance (needing more of a substance or activity to achieve the desired effect), withdrawal symptoms when stopping a substance or activity, neglecting personal care and responsibilities, difficulties in controlling cravings, using larger amounts than intended, feeling guilty about using a substance/activity, and changes in feelings such as depression or anxiety.

Is addiction treatable?

Yes, addiction is treatable depending on the individual's circumstances. Treatment typically includes professional medical care and interventions such as counseling services, psychotherapy sessions, support groups (e.g. AA meetings), lifestyle changes including diet/exercise regimens, etc.

Are there any risks associated with addiction?

Yes, there are numerous risks associated with addiction including physical health problems (e.g. organ damage from long-term use of drugs/alcohol), mental health issues (depression/anxiety), social isolation due to neglecting friends/family members, financial problems from excessive spending on substances/activities, etc.

Addiction is a serious issue that can be difficult to overcome without professional assistance but with dedication and determination it is possible to break free from this compulsive behavior and lead healthier lives. If you or someone you know is showing signs of addiction it's important to speak out and seek help so that they can have the best chance at successful recovery.


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