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Import Duty is a tax imposed on goods that are bought from outside the European Union (EU) and imported into the EU states. It is intended to protect local businesses from foreign competition by making it more expensive to import goods than to buy them locally.

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What is an example of import duty?

An example of import duty would be a tax imposed on items imported into the European Union, such as cars or electronics.

How does import duty affect buyers?

Buyers must pay this charge when they purchase items from suppliers outside of the EU, which can result in higher prices and fewer choices of products available.

When do you have to pay import duty?

You will only have to pay import duties if you’re importing goods from a non-EU country, as EU member states don’t impose taxes on trading within the union.

Is there an exemption for certain types of imports?

Yes, some imports may qualify for exemptions depending on their purpose or origin - for example, goods that are imported for medical or scientific research purposes can often be exempt from paying customs duty.

In conclusion, Import Duty is a tax imposed on goods brought into the European Union from other countries. It affects buyers by increasing costs and limiting choice, and exemptions may be applicable in certain cases.


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