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An annuity is a type of financial product typically offered by insurance companies or banks. It involves an individual investing money upfront with the long-term goal of receiving payments in the future. Annuities act as a way to provide retirement income for individuals, as well as protecting their investments over time.

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1. Annuity Definition & Meaning |
Annuity Definition & Meaning | Dictionary.coma specified income payable at stated intervals for a fixed or a contingent period, often for the recipient's life, in consideration of a stipulated premium paid either ...

2. Annuity | Definition of Annuity by Merriam-Webster
Annuity | Definition of Annuity by Merriam-WebsterRecent Examples on the Web His investments included a public employees ... See the full definition for annuity in the English Language Learners Dictionary.

3. Life annuity Definition & Meaning |
Life annuity Definition & Meaning | Dictionary.comLife annuity definition, any annuity that is contingent upon the survival of the annuitant or annuitants, especially an annuity that terminates with the death of a ...

6. Annuity - definition of annuity by The Free Dictionary
Annuity - definition of annuity by The Free DictionaryDefine annuity. annuity synonyms, annuity pronunciation, annuity translation, English dictionary definition of annuity. n. pl. an·nu·i·ties 1. a. The annual payment ...

9. Annuity Meaning | Best 10 Definitions of Annuity
annuities. See word origin. Frequency: Although the method of obtaining and ... The definition of an annuity is a sum of money or an investment that is paid at regular ... From American Heritage Dictionary of the English Language, 5th Edition.

Annuities can be very beneficial investments since they allow individuals to save money while also protecting their future income streams. Before deciding which type of annuity best suits your needs and goals, it is important to understand all aspects and potential risks involved in any kind of investment before committing to one option.


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