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An American Proper is a term that describes the traditional dress and etiquette of well-dressed Americans. The term is usually associated with upper-class individuals from upper-class families in the United States who are known for their well-groomed appearance and sophisticated mannerisms. An American Proper may also refer to a certain style of clothing, such as a tuxedo or a suit, that is considered appropriate for occasions such as weddings, funerals, and social events.

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What are some examples of American Proper attire?

Examples of American Proper attire include a tuxedo or suit for formal occasions, an evening gown or cocktail dress for ladies attending black tie affairs, and khakis and collared shirts for men at more casual gatherings.

Is there any particular etiquette expected in American Proper?

Yes, those who observe American Proper etiquette typically demonstrate courtesy, respectfulness, and politeness towards others. They tend to adhere to social norms when interacting with anyone else in public places by using proper language and avoiding loudness or aggressive behavior. Additionally, they may bring thoughtful gifts for hosts on special occasions as an expression of gratitude and appreciation.

Are there any differences between British Proper and American Proper?

Generally speaking, there are more similarities than differences between the two customs; however, some notable distinctions can be found depending on the occasion. For example, Americans tend to opt for lighter colors when it comes to suits whereas the British prefer darker ones. In terms of etiquette it is important to note that while Americans generally preferred informal greetings such as handshakes or hugs, the opposite is often true in Britain where it is seen as more polite to give brief bows or curtsies instead.

With its distinct style and manners befitting upper class citizens in America, American Proper has been an integral part of what makes the country unique throughout its history. Today it continues to serve both practical utility as well as stylistic flair when dressing up for special occasions - all while adhering to traditional conventions of courtesy towards others.


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