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Karma is a concept originating in Indian religions that suggests that a person’s past deeds and thoughts may impact their present life. It is difficult to define, as interpretations vary. For example, some believe in predetermined destiny, while others suggest that individuals are able to alter their karmic path through actions and intentions.

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How does karma work?

Karma works by creating a cycle of cause and effect that influences an individual's current experiences based on their past actions or intentions. It is believed that both positive and negative actions produce corresponding outcomes.

Is karma determined or can it be changed?

The answer depends on your beliefs about karma. Some traditions suggest it is determined before birth, while others believe it can be changed through intentional action.

What are the consequences of bad karma?

Bad karma can cause negative experiences such as illness, misfortune, pain, suffering, etc., depending on the individual’s beliefs and culture. There are various ways of dealing with bad karma such as meditation or repentance.

In conclusion, karma has different interpretations depending on culture or belief system. But generally speaking, it suggests that our present lives are affected by our past deeds or intent—positive or negative—and these actions create effects that follow us through life in some way or another.


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