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Albergue is a Spanish word that refers to a place providing housing, usually for travelers. It can also refer to a type of hostel or refuge for people in need.

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What does "Albergue" mean in English?

Albergue is the Spanish word for “hostel” or “refuge” and refers to a place providing shelter and lodging, typically for travelers.

Is an albergue similar to a hostel?

Yes, an albergue is very similar to a hostel in that it provides temporary lodgings at affordable rates.

Where are albergues typically located?

Albergues can often be found near hiking trails, parks, pilgrimage routes, coastal towns and other places suited for travelers.

Do albergues offer services besides lodging?

Yes, many albergues provide amenities such as laundry services, cafe or dining facilities, storage space and other traveler-oriented services.

Does staying in an albergue require membership?

No, anyone can stay in an albergue without any membership requirements.

Albergues are convenient lodging options available to travelers wishing to save money while having access to additional traveler-related services. They offer comfortable and safe accommodations with affordable prices and no membership requirements.


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