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An aerial view is a type of observational perspective that looks at an area from above, using a high vantage point. This view can be seen both virtually and literally, as it can be witnessed from an airplane window or virtually simulated in computer-generated imagery (CGI).

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Aerial | Definition of Aerial by Merriam-WebsterIn painting, aerial perspective is the way an artist creates the illusion that a ... See the full definition for aerial in the English Language Learners Dictionary. aerial.

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What kind of perspective does aerial view provide?

Aerial view provides an observational perspective that looks at an area from above, using a high vantage point.

How can you witness an aerial view?

You can witness an aerial view either through looking out an airplane window or through virtual simulation with CGI.

What are the benefits of having an aerial perspective?

Having an aerial perspective gives you the ability to gain insight into patterns and shapes in the landscape, obtain a unique visual aesthetic, and identify potential risks or opportunities from a bird's eye view.

Aerial views offer a unique opportunity to gain valuable insight into areas which may not have been available before. By viewing things from this perspective, one can assess their surroundings more accurately than ever before and make informed decisions accordingly.


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