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The phrase “I adore you” is a declaration of love, showing how much someone loves and adores you. To adore someone means to hold them in very high regard, and to love them deeply. It can be used to express a devoted admiration for another person, taking into account all of their qualities, both the good and the bad.

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What does it mean when someone says they adore you?

When someone says they adore you, it means that they have an intense respect and admiration for you; they are devoted to you as if they find your unique qualities priceless.

Is “adore” stronger than “love”?

Yes, "adore" is often considered stronger than "love" because it implies even more devotion and intensity of feelings.

In conclusion, when someone tells us that they adore us it usually indicates that their feelings are strong and sincere; such declarations should not be taken lightly but embraced instead.


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