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Democracy is one of the most common forms of government used around the world today. It encourages equal participation from citizens and ensures that all voices are heard. This essay will provide an explanation about democracy and its definition and meaning in English.

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What does democracy mean?

Democracy is defined as a form of government in which the power to rule lies with its citizens. Through elections, citizens have a say in who will be their representatives, and thus have a say in the various laws they make that govern the society they live in.

What are some examples of democracies?

Some examples of democracies include India, South Africa, France and Japan. All these countries have democratically chosen leaders who answer to their citizens through periodic elections.

How do democratic processes work?

Democratic processes typically involve extensive public discussion by citizens on whatever policy or law is being proposed by elected officials or parties. The citizenry then votes on that policy or law after duly considering all opinions both for and against it.

In summary, democracy is an important form of government that ensures that everyone has an equal say in how their society should operate. Through open discussion and fair voting, democratically elected officials may enact laws which benefit everyone equally without any one group being favored over another.


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