A Graduated Cylinder Definition And Meaning In English

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A graduated cylinder is a cylindrical container used to measure an exact amount of liquid. The container has lines or marks on the side that indicate the amount of liquid within it. Graduated cylinders are commonly used in laboratories, classrooms, and other settings where accurate measurements of liquids are necessary.

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What type of device is a graduated cylinder?

A graduated cylinder is a cylindrical-shaped device that is used to accurately measure an exact quantity of liquid.

Where can I find a graduated cylinder?

Graduated cylinders can be found in most laboratory supply stores, science classrooms, and online retailers.

What are commonly used for?

Graduated cylinders are commonly used in laboratories and classrooms to accurately measure exact amounts of liquids.

Are there different sizes?

Yes, graduated cylinders come in different sizes depending on how much liquid needs to be measured.

How do you read the measurements on a graduated cylinder?

The measurements on the sides of the cylinder indicate how much liquid is inside it at certain levels. You simply look at the lines or marks along with side and then read off the measurement they correspond to.

Graduated cylinders provide an accurate way to measure liquids in laboratories and classrooms.. They come in varying sizes so one can easily choose what size will suit their needs best. Reading the measurements from these cylinders is also surprisingly easy as all one has to do is look at the markings along with side and read off what measurement it corresponds too.


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