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A dream come true is an expression used to describe the achievement of a long-held desire or ambition. It brings immense joy and satisfaction to the individual as they finally get to experience something they have been longing for after facing multiple obstacles and challenges.

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1. Come True | Definition of Come True by Merriam-Webster
Come True | Definition of Come True by Merriam-WebsterCome true definition is - to become real : to happen in the way that one wished or dreamed. How to use come true ... The trip abroad was a dream come true for her . ... come true. Britannica English: Translation of come true for Arabic Speakers ...

3. Dream come true, a Definition & Meaning |
Dream come true, a Definition & Meaning | Dictionary.comA wild fancy or hope that is realized. For example, Winning a trip to Paris is a dream come true. QUIZ. ARE YOU A TRUE BLUE CHAMPION OF THESE "BLUE " ...

10. Dreams Come True - Idioms by The Free Dictionary
Dreams Come True - Idioms by The Free Dictionarydream come true ... A wish or a goal that a person has wanted or achieved after a long time. Jessica has had a crush on David since she was a teenager. When he  ...

What does it mean when it's said that a dream has come true?

When someone says that their dream has come true, it means that they have achieved something they have been aspiring towards for a long time. This could be anything from achieving a promotion at work to travelling around the world. Whatever their goal was, they are now one step closer to making it a reality.

Is having dreams important?

Yes, having dreams is incredibly important as it can provide motivation and help individuals persevere amidst difficult times. Having goals and aspirations can help an individual strive for self-improvement as well as broadening their horizons by developing new skillsets.

How do you make your dreams come true?

Making your dreams come true may take time and dedication, but there are several steps individuals can take to help them along the way. Identifying achievable goals, creating actionable plans, working hard on improving relevant skillset and forming positive relationships with people with similar goals are just some helpful tips for making your dreams become a reality.

What happens when a dream comes true?

When a dream comes true, it can lead to moments of immense joy and satisfaction as the individual finally gets what they have been striving towards for so long. It is sometimes likened to 'catching lightning in a bottle', something so precious you couldn't even imagine before experiencing such euphoria yourself.

Is dreaming good or bad?

Dreaming is neither good nor bad - it all depends on what your ultimate aim is and how you're going about achieving them. As mentioned above, having achievable goals which are within reach alongside forming supportive relationships with those who share similar ambitions will contribute greatly in helping make your dreams come true.

Whether we choose to call our hopes 'dreams' or 'goals' doesn’t really matter – what matters most is taking active steps towards making them into realities that we can cherish forever once our hard work pays off – this is what ‘a dream coming true’ truly signifies!


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