5k To 10k Training Schedule

By Team MeaningKosh

This 5k to 10k training schedule is designed to help you reach your running goals in a structured, step-by-step manner. Whether you are an experienced runner looking for a challenge or a beginner wanting to start their running journey, this plan is geared towards maximizing your potential and achieving your desired results.

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How often should I train?

Depending on your current fitness level and training experience, the ideal weekly schedule will vary. However, it is recommended that you plan to have at least three days of moderate intensity running per week, with regular short distance runs on other days interspersed with rest days.

What if I feel like I'm not making progress?

It's important to focus on the longer term progression rather than the individual sessions. If you notice that you're struggling with certain aspects of the program, then setting some smaller weekly targets can help keep motivation up. Additionally, consulting with a coach or another experienced runner can help you stay on track and provide guidance as needed.

Should I be including any strength work or cross-training?

Yes! Incorportating some strength and mobility exercises into your routine as well as occasional cross-training activities (e.g. swimming) can improve performance in terms of both speed and stamina over time.

This 5k to 10k training plan offers a great way to get started on building your running capabilities while also allowing you to challenge yourself through progressive training challenges and increased distances. With careful planning and following the suggested guidelines, you’ll be ready for race day in no time!


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