6 Week 10k Training Schedule

By Team MeaningKosh

This 6-week 10k training schedule is designed to help runners of all levels prepare for their 10k race. It features an easy-to-follow plan that gradually increases the distance and difficulty of each run. This program is perfect for runners who are just beginning a training plan, or those who have been running for some time and are looking to improve their performance.

Table Of Content:

3. 6 Week 10K Training Plan for Intermediate Runners - Snacking in ...
6 Week 10K Training Plan for Intermediate Runners - Snacking in ...Aug 22, 2018 ... Your Running Schedule: · Monday – Rest (or Cross Train) · Tues – Day 1 – Easy Run · Weds – Day 2 – Speedwork · Thurs – Rest · Fri – Day 3 – Easy Run ...

8. 10K Training Plan.
10K Training Plan. Nike.comOur recommendation: Plan on training for at least 4 weeks before the 10K so you can comfortably run and complete the programmed workouts. We'll meet you on the ...

How long is this training plan?

This training plan is six weeks long, with daily workouts planned in advance.

How much mileage should I do each week?

The mileage will gradually increase each week, with the peak week being the fourth one where you may need to do up to 20 miles of running.

What type of workouts should I expect?

You can expect a combination of easy runs, tempo runs, and long runs that will help you build endurance and strength.

By following this 6-week 10k training schedule, you can develop a strong foundation for your races. With consistent training, focus on proper form and technique, and a bit of dedication, you will be well on your way to reaching your racing goals!


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