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The Pocono Mountains in Pennsylvania have a great adventure activity for thrill seekers: the Skytop Zipline. This is a thrilling experience that lets riders fly swiftly from tree to tree at high speeds, across the scenic landscape of Pennsylvania's highest peak. Here is an overview of this experience and some relevant FAQs about the Skytop Zipline.

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How much does it cost to ride the Skytop Zipline?

The Skytop Zipline costs $50 per person and requires reservations.

What should I wear on my ziplining trip?

Riders should wear comfortable clothing and closed-toe shoes such as hiking boots or sneakers. Helmets, gloves, and other safety gear are also provided.

How long is the trip?

The zipline trip takes approximately two hours, including a safety briefing before beginning the course.

Are there age or weight restrictions?

Yes - riders must be at least 8 years old (accompanied by an adult) and have a minimum weight of 50 lbs but no more than 250 lbs.

Is there any kind of training necessary to ride the zipline?

Riders will receive a brief safety instruction prior to their trip, but no special training is required for this experience.

Skytop Zipline offers an exciting and unique way to explore the beauty of Pennsylvania's highest peak. With reasonable prices from $50 per person, anyone aged 8 and up can join in on this thrilling adventure!


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