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Porcupines are rodents that can be found across the world. They are known for their sharp quills which they use to protect themselves from predators and to climb trees. They have a diet of mostly plants and bark, although some species will eat insects and small animals. Porcupines are mostly active during the night, but may be seen during the day in certain areas.

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5. Words That Begin With P
words start with P, words starting with P, words start P. ... 3-Letter Words (67 found). pac · pad · pah · pak · pal · pam · pan · pap · par · pas · pat ...

6. Words That Start With P | 6,140 Scrabble Words | Word Find
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8. Words that Start with P | 1000+ P Words
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  • What do porcupines eat?

    Porcupines mostly feed on plants and bark, but some species will also eat small insects or animals.

    Where are porcupines found?

    Porcupines can be found in many different regions throughout the world, including North America, South America, Asia, Africa and Europe.

    What is a porcupine's defense mechanism?

    One of their primary defenses is their sharp quills which they can use to protect themselves against predators or to help them climb trees.

    Do porcupines hibernate?

    Some porcupine species do hibernate during colder months while others remain active all year long depending on their environment.

    Are porcupines dangerous?

    Porcupines can be dangerous when threatened or cornered as they may attempt to defend themselves by shooting out their quills at whatever is threatening them. Otherwise, they pose no real danger if left alone.

    Porcupines are fascinating creatures that inhabit different regions around the world and have adapted various behaviors for survival over thousands of years. They are mostly nocturnal, have interesting diets and use powerful defense mechanisms such as their sharp quills to protect themselves from potential harm.


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