Utah Concealed Carry Instructor Class

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Are you interested in becoming a Utah Concealed Carry Instructor? This class will provide you with the necessary information to teach individuals how to safely and legally use a concealed firearm. You will learn the requirements for certification, the practice curriculum, and the regulations for teaching in Utah.

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What type of instructor must I be to teach a concealed carry course?

The Utah Bureau of Criminal Identification (BCI) requires applicants for certified instructor status to have extensive knowledge and experience with firearms, including CCW training and personal protection. Additionally, instructors must have specific training from an approved handgun safety course provider prior to applying for certification.

How long is the instructor class?

The concealed carry instructor classes typically last 1-2 days depending upon the number of students attending.

What topics are covered in the class?

During this course, you will learn how to teach CCW-specific topics such as handling firearms safely, laws related to possession/carrying a firearm, use/proper storage of firearms, securing firearms when not in use, and other applicable topics related to carrying a firearm.

Are there any prerequisites needed before taking this class?

Prerequisites include having at least two years’ personal protection experience or four years’ military service along with detailed knowledge about handguns and the laws relating to their use.

Taking a Utah Concealed Carry Instructor Course is an excellent way to gain knowledge and skills on teaching students how to safely and lawfully use a firearm. After successfully completing this training program, you should be prepared to apply for BCI certification as an instructor and become part of Utah's concealed carry community!


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