Urban Dictionary Root Definition And Meaning In English

By Hafsa

The term ‘root’ has multiple meanings, but in the context of urban culture it refers to someone who is high on energy, loud and full of enthusiasm. This type of personality can sometimes be seen as a complete contrast to those who are calmer and quieter.

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What does the term “root” mean?

In urban culture, the term ‘root’ refers to someone who is high on energy, loud and full of enthusiasm.

What kind of attitude do people with the root personality display?

A person with a root personality can be seen as highly energetic, rowdy, loud and animated.

How does this compare to those with a more reserved personality?

Those with root personalities provide an extreme contrast to those who have a more calm and reserved attitude.

Can this type of personality be both positive or negative?

Depending on the situation it can be interpreted positively or negatively depending on the context. For example in certain circumstances it may demonstrate social confidence while in some others it could come off as overly aggressive or even destructive behavior.

Overall, 'root' is an urban term used to describe someone with a highly energized demeanor that may either be perceived positively or negatively depending on the situation. It also stands in stark contrast from a more quieter and subdued attitude that some people may prefer to adopt in their everyday lives.