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Trade schools Jacksonville fl offer a wide range of technical and vocational programs designed to prepare students for entry-level employment in a variety of fields. They provide hands-on training, individualized instruction, and industry-specific certifications that can help students find success after graduation.

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2. Best Trade Schools in Jacksonville, FL (2023 Updated)
J-Tech is a nonprofit institution dedicated to training a whole new generation of automotive and transportation industry professionals at their 168,000 square- ...

3. Trade Schools & Technical Colleges in Jacksonville, FL & Online
Trade Schools & Technical Colleges in Jacksonville, FL & OnlineTrade Schools & Colleges in Jacksonville, FL ; TWS Jacksonville. Tulsa Welding School Jacksonville · Professional Welder ; Fortis · Dental Assistant ; Florida Career ...

4. Welding & HVAC School in Jacksonville, FL | Tulsa Welding School
Welding & HVAC School in Jacksonville, FL | Tulsa Welding SchoolJacksonville Trade Schools 2022 Tulsa Welding School's campus in Jacksonville, FL, offers training in the following programs: Professional Welder, ...

5. 7 Best Jacksonville Trade Schools |
7 Best Jacksonville Trade Schools | Expertise.comBest Trade Schools in Jacksonville · We did the research for you! · Concorde - Jacksonville · Florida Career College- Jacksonville · Florida Training Academy · Jones ...

6. Jacksonville, FL. Trade Schools | Top Trade School
Trade Schools & Technical Colleges near Jacksonville · Tulsa Welding School – Jacksonville, FL 32216 · Roadmaster Driver's School – Jacksonville, FL 32220 ...

9. Florida State College at Jacksonville
Florida State College at JacksonvilleFSCJ ranks among the top colleges and universities in Florida and provides affordable, high-quality education that meets the demands of a modern workforce.

10. Florida Technical College: Vocational, Technical & Trade School
Florida Technical College: Vocational, Technical & Trade SchoolFTC is now an academic unit of NUC University. NUC now has a combined total of 15 campuses and 20,000 students in Florida and Puerto Rico.

What kind of training do trade schools offer?

Trade schools offer specialized training in various trades including welding, auto repair, plumbing, construction, electrician work, and many more. Students learn practical skills through hands-on teaching methods and obtain industry-specific certifications if desired.

How long does it take to complete a program at a trade school?

Program lengths vary depending on the program chosen as well as the specific school but generally range from six months to two years.

Do trade schools offer financial aid?

Yes, some trade schools may offer financial aid options like scholarships, grants or loans to help cover tuition costs and other expenses associated with attending school. Be sure to check with the specific school for more information about their financial aid policies.

Are there job placement services available at trade schools?

Yes, many trade schools provide job placement services such as career counseling services and access to job boards or internships that can help students find employment after graduation.

Trade schools Jacksonville fl provide an excellent option for those looking to break into entry-level careers in various trades and industries. With hands-on instruction and job placement assistance, these institutions can be great resources for individuals aiming to launch successful careers in the working world.


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