Texas Driving Safety Course Ticket Dismissal

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A Texas driving safety course ticket dismissal is an option available to drivers who have received a minor traffic ticket. This type of dismissal allows for no points to be added to the driver's license and it does not appear on the driver's driving record. It also allows for the ticketed violation to be dismissed from the driver's record if all requirements are successfully completed

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5. Texas Online Defensive Driving Course - Defensive Driving
Texas Online Defensive Driving Course - Defensive DrivingOur Texas Defensive Driving Course is approved for every court in Texas. Our online course is TEA and TDLR approved with over 2.5 million tickets dismissed.

6. Dismissal for Driving Safety Course
Dismissal for Driving Safety CourseIf you are charged with an offense involving the operation of a motor vehicle or a motorcycle defined by Subtitle C of the Texas Transportation Code (Rules of ...

7. Texas Defensive Driving Course | Comedy Defensive Driving®
Texas Defensive Driving Course | Comedy Defensive Driving®State Approval. - TDLR approved course for all courts in Texas · Ticket Dismissal & Insurance Reduction. - Defensive driving courses are the cheapest way to ...

9. Texas Defensive Driving - Traffic Ticket Dismissal Online
Texas Defensive Driving - Traffic Ticket Dismissal OnlineDriver safety courses are six hours in length and the State provides ninety days from the date of plea in order to complete the course and provide the court ...

10. State-Approved Online Texas Defensive Driving | Aceable
State-Approved Online Texas Defensive Driving | AceableBefore you start on your Texas defensive driving course online with Aceable, make sure you can take online traffic dismissal, as certain traffic offenses are ...

What type of tickets can be dismissed with this course?

The type of tickets that can be dismissed using this course are minor traffic violations, such as failure to obey a stop sign or traffic signal, speeding, and running a red light. All other types of violations are ineligible for dismissal

How long is this course?

This driving safety course is 8 hours long and must be completed within 90 days in order to fulfill all requirements

Is there an additional fee associated with this course?

Yes, there is typically a $25 administrative fee that must be paid when registering for the dismissal program

After completion, how soon will my ticket be dismissed?

Upon successful completion of all requirements, your ticket should appear as dismissed on your driving record within 2-8 weeks

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