Required Courses For Accounting Degree

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To obtain an accounting degree from most universities, a student must complete a number of courses that focus on various aspects of the field. These courses cover tax law, auditing, and financial topics. Many programs also include classes in business and management topics to provide students with a well-rounded education in accounting.

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2. All You Want to Know About an Accounting Major
All You Want to Know About an Accounting MajorJun 25, 2019 ... Bachelor's Degree Courses · Introduction to Financial Accounting · Introduction to Managerial Accounting · Financial Accounting Theory and Practice ...

3. Bachelor's Degree (BS) In Accounting Requirements & Courses Guide
Bachelor's Degree (BS) In Accounting Requirements & Courses GuideCore Concepts · Managerial Accounting: Ongoing financial data analysis, interpretation, and reporting (e.g. weekly, monthly); provides information related to ...

7. Education requirements - Virginia Board of Accountancy
Core Accounting Courses · Federal Taxation · Accounting Information Systems · Government/Not For-Profit Accounting · Fund Accounting · Accounting Internship ...

8. Curriculum - Accounting
Curriculum - AccountingAccounting required courses · Intermediate Accounting I - ACC 3110 (3) · Intermediate Accounting II - ACC 3120 (3) · Cost Accounting - ACC 3210 (3) · Auditing - ACC ...

10. Bachelor of Science in Business Administration, Accounting ...
All accounting majors admitted into the major are required to complete a competency exam prior to enrolling in ... Degree Requirements - Total: 120 Credits ...

What types of courses are required for an accounting degree?

Common courses required for an accounting degree usually include classes such as Financial Accounting, Cost/Managerial Accounting, Taxation Law, Auditing Principles, Accounting Information Systems, and Business Law & Ethics. Other elective courses may also be required depending on the individual school's program requirements.

Does an accounting degree often include classes in business and management topics?

Yes, many programs include classes in business and management topics to provide students with a comprehensive view of the field and how it relates to other areas of operation.

Are there any elective courses I can take as part of my accounting degree?

Some schools may offer elective courses that you can choose from when planning your degree program. The electives may vary by school, but some common options include Business Communications, Business Statistics & Forecasting, Corporate Finance & Investment Analysis, Globalization & International Trade Theory Management Policy & Strategy.

An accounting degree from most universities requires completion of several different classes related to taxation law, auditing principles, financial accounting practices, information systems related to the field, and other relevant topics like business law and ethics. Elective course options may also be available depending on the school’s program requirements.


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