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Radiology technologists, or radiology techs, are health care professionals who specialize in imaging technology. Radiology tech programs in Kansas City offer formal instruction and hands-on training that prepares students for a professional career in the field. These programs cover an array of topics from patient care to imaging techniques to anatomy and physiology. Upon completion of their studies, radiologic technologists can pursue various roles in the industry.

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4. Radiologic Technology | Washburn University
Radiologic Technology | Washburn UniversityJul 1, 2022 ... The program utilizes 16 radiology facilities located in hospitals and clinics in Northeast Kansas and the Kansas City area.

6. B.S. Radiologic Science Major Degree | Avila University
B.S. Radiologic Science Major Degree | Avila UniversityMRI Technologist. Avila Radiologic Science graduates choose to work at: Children's Mercy Hospital; St. Luke's Hospital of Kansas City ...

7. Radiology | Welcome | UMKC School of Medicine
Radiology | Welcome | UMKC School of MedicineWelcome to the department of Radiology at the University of Missouri-Kansas City (UMKC)! Our department includes over 50 faculty members that together ...

9. Radiology Technologist and Technician Schools, Programs, and ...
Radiology Technologist and Technician Schools, Programs, and ...Select Schools in Kansas with Radiology Technologist Degree Programs · Cleveland University-Kansas City · Fort Hays State University · Hutchinson Community College.

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  • What type of degree can I earn through a radiology tech program in Kansas City?

    Students typically complete either an associate's or bachelor's degree in radiologic technology. An associate's degree requires two years of study while the bachelor's requires four years. Both provide the necessary skills and knowledge to become a competent practitioner.

    What type of courses will I take as part of a radiology tech program in Kansas City?

    Common courses may include medical terminology, ultrasound principles, radiological physics, radiographic technique, radiation protection and clinical practicum. Other classes may include anatomy and physiology, nuclear medical radiation, pathology and medical ethics.

    Is certification required for employment as a radiology tech?

    Yes, most employers require certification. After completing a radiology technology program in Kansas City, graduates should register with the American Registry of Radiologic Technicians (ARRT). The ARRT provides licensing exams which must be passed before practice is allowed.

    How long do I have to complete a radiology tech program in Kansas City?

    The timeframe varies depending on whether you are pursuing an associate's or bachelor's degree. An associate's degree typically takes two years while a bachelor's requires four years. Most schools also have prerequisite courses that must be taken first before beginning core courses.

    Radiology technologists play an important role in providing healthcare services by utilizing specialized imaging equipment and procedures to diagnose patients' conditions accurately. Completing a radiology tech program in Kansas City equips students with the technical training needed to begin working as certified practitioners upon graduation.


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