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The Amazon Program Manager is a multi-faceted position responsible for the successful implementation of multiple products and services. Program Managers are expected to coordinate and direct projects, while managing budgets, timelines, resources and personnel. Depending on the project’s size, they may also need to manage teams that include analysts, software engineers, security professionals, product specialists, and marketing experts. Salaries range from $88k to $140k depending on experience.

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What responsibilities come with a Program Manager role?

A Program Manager is typically responsible for directing projects by coordinating activities such as setting project timelines, managing resources, handling budgets and personnel assignments. They may also be responsible for leading teams that include product specialists, marketing experts, analysts and software engineers.

What type of experience is needed for this role?

Generally speaking, most companies require some prior program management or related experience in order to become a Program Manager at Amazon. Most job descriptions will list required degrees or certifications as well as any relevant prior experience that have prepared you for the position.

What does an average salary look like for this position?

According to PayScale the average salary range for an Amazon Program Manager can range from approximately $88k – $140k per year depending on experience level and location.

How much responsibility comes with this role?

It depends greatly on the company and the project size being managed but generally Program Managers take on significant responsibility in terms of budgeting resources and personnel while ensuring that all goals associated with the project are met in a timely manner.

As one of the more demanding positions within Amazon's portfolio of services offered world-wide, becoming a Program Manager requires extensive preparation in terms of knowledge base and professional experiences as well as dedication to meeting goals set out by individual projects or clients.


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