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Phlebotomy is an important medical career that involves the collection and handling of blood samples. A phlebotomist in Miami needs to complete a phlebotomy course in order to become certified. This course provides individuals with the necessary information and knowledge required to safely and effectively perform phlebotomy procedures.

Table Of Content:

1. Phlebotomy Technician Career Technical Certificate | Miami Dade ...
Phlebotomy Technician Career Technical Certificate | Miami Dade ...The Medical Campus Medical Phlebotomy Program is a Career Technical Education Certificate program that is a one to two semester course of study requiring ...

3. Phlebotomy | Lindsey Hopkins Technical College
Phlebotomy | Lindsey Hopkins Technical CollegePlease refer to School Board Policies 1362, 1362.02, 3362, 3362.02, 4362, 4362.02, 5517 and 5517.02 for more information. ... The District also provides equal ...

4. Phlebotomy | Miami Senior Adult Education Center
Phlebotomy | Miami Senior Adult Education CenterCourse Hours: · Basic Healthcare Worker- 90 Hours · Phlebotomist- 75 hours theory including first 45 hours mandatory to start working and 30 hours of clinical ...

10. Phlebotomy
PhlebotomyWe will teach the student how to perform phlebotomy successfully and safely. The course is designed for the student to develop the knowledge practice of the ...

What topics are covered in this phlebotomy course?

This course covers topics such as proper safety protocols, patient care, how to prepare equipment and supplies, proper collection techniques, labeling requirements, transportation requirements, storage regulations, legal considerations, and much more.

Does this course include any hands-on training?

Yes. The course includes both classroom instruction and practical lab work providing hands-on experience for students under the supervision of experienced instructors.

Is there an exam at the end of the course?

Yes, at the end of the course students will take a written exam consisting of multiple choice questions that are based on material from previous lectures and labs during the program.

Is certification provided upon completion of this course?

Upon successful completion of this phlebotomy course in Miami, students will receive a certificate issued by our institution. This will verify successful completion of the program but does not include national certification as a Phlebotomist which would require additional steps after completion of our program.

This comprehensive phlebotomy program is designed to provide students with all the information they need to become competent Phlebotomists in Miami. With both classroom instruction and practical lab experiences under their belt, students who complete this program can confidently go out into the world ready for their new job as professional Phlebotomists!


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