Online Telecommunications Engineering Degree

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An online telecommunications engineering degree is a specialized degree program designed to give students the skills needed to design and implement telephone systems and other communication networks. Students learn various skills such as network security, wireless technology, coding, and more. This degree can open the door to many career opportunities in both the public and private sector.

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  • What kind of job opportunities does an online telecommunications engineering degree offer?

    With an online telecommunications engineering degree, students can pursue careers such as Telecommunications Engineer, Network Security Administrator, Wireless Technology Specialist, Voice/Data Network Coder and more.

    What is involved in this degree program?

    A typical telecommunications engineering degree covers topics such as coding, networking technologies, analysis of data transfers, troubleshooting techniques and more. Additionally, students may take courses in topics related to network architecture or communications technology standards.

    What level of experience do I need to have to enroll in this program?

    Generally speaking most programs require applicants to have at least some prior knowledge of computers or information technology. Some schools require applicants to hold a bachelor’s degree prior to applying for the program; however this is not always necessary depending on the school you choose.

    An online telecommunications engineering degree offers a great way for aspiring professionals to gain the skills necessary for success in the field. These degrees cover a broad range of topics from coding languages to network architecture and provide students with an advantage when entering a competitive job market.


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