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This online Masters in Fintech program provides students with cutting-edge knowledge and tools for the ever-changing world of financial technology. The program helps students to understand the rapidly evolving area of finance, from new banking regulations and risk management strategies to how data is used by financial firms to inform decisions. With courses from renowned experts in both finance and technology, this program gives students an unparalleled opportunity to gain a thorough understanding of the field and be prepared for a successful career in fintech.

Table Of Content:

1. Duke FinTech Master of Engineering
Duke FinTech Master of EngineeringDuke's 30-credit Financial Technology Master of Engineering can be earned online or on-campus. 3 to 5 semesters. Learn FinTech, lead in financial ...

2. UConn MS in Financial Technology (FinTech) | Online and In-person
UConn MS in Financial Technology (FinTech) | Online and In-personThe University of Connecticut (UConn) offers one of the world's first STEM-designated Master's (MS) in Financial Technology (FinTech) and a FinTech Graduate ...

3. Online FinTech, MS | UCF Online
Online FinTech, MS | UCF OnlineThe FinTech MS is a 10-course (30-credit hours) with 5 courses (15-credits) each in Finance and Computer Science and will not have any tracks or specializations ...

8. Master of Science in FinTech - College of Business
Master of Science in FinTech - College of BusinessSTEM designated program and first MS in FinTech in Florida; AACSB accredited; Face-to-face and fully online program options; Interdisciplinary program with ...

What areas will I study if I pursue this degree?

If you pursue this degree, you will study topics including banking regulations, risk management strategies, data analysis, blockchain technology, AI and machine learning applications, programming languages for fintech development, cybersecurity frameworks for financial transactions and more.

What type of professionals are ideal candidates for this program?

This program is ideal for professionals looking to transition into the field of fintech or expand their existing knowledge base related to finance and technology. This program would also be beneficial for those interested in strengthening their business acumen with a specialization in financial technologies.

What type of career opportunities can I expect upon completing this degree?

Upon completion of this degree, possible career options include roles in software engineering or development roles focused on customer experience within banks or other financial institutions; roles related to compliance or risk management; developing applications across blockchain networks; or helping companies use newer technologies such as robotics process automation. Additionally, graduates may find opportunities with startups developing innovative products around payments processing or automated trading capabilities.

Does the degree provide practical experience outside of classroom work?

Yes - all students enrolled in this degree have access to industry-leading internships, hackathons and events which provide practical experience that complements classroom activities. Additionally, there are various research projects available through the school’s partnerships with industry leaders which give students exclusive access to real-world projects that increase their employability after graduation.

The Masters in Fintech program provides an unparalleled opportunity for aspiring professionals and experienced practitioners alike who are looking to take their careers into the world of finance and technology. With direct access to top faculty from renowned universities/institutes as well as hands-on experiences via internships/hackathons/events from some of the industry leaders and thought leaders; candidates are sure to land up with successful careers upon completion of this course.


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