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Masters of Social Work (MSW) programs in California provide students an opportunity to learn about social work principles and gain the skills needed for professional practice. These quality programs offer a range of specializations and degree concentrations, giving graduates the ability to pursue a variety of career paths in social work.

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What types of MSW programs are available?

California offers a variety of MSW programs with different types of degrees and concentrations. Degrees include Masters in Social Work (MSW), Doctorate in Social Work (DSW), and Doctor of Philosophy in Social Work (PhD). Concentrations can be specialized tracks within the degree program such as Mental Health, Child Welfare, School Counseling, Medical and Public Health, Aging & Gerontology, among many others.

How long does it typically take to complete an MSW program?

The length of time it takes to complete an MSW program depends on whether you choose full-time or part-time studies. For full-time students, most programs will take 2 years to complete; for part-time students, it can take 3 or more years.

Do I need any prior qualifications to apply for an MSW program?

Yes, most schools in California require applicants to have completed at least 60 hours of undergraduate study with a GPA between 2.75 - 3.2 in order to qualify for admission into their MSW program.

How much does an MSW program cost?

The cost of an MSW program will vary depending on the school you attend. Some universities may charge up to $25000 per year while other public universities may only charge tuition fees plus applicable fees, which could amount to around $10000 each academic year.

Is financial aid available for MSW programs?

Yes, many universities offer financial aid packages including grants and loans for qualified students pursuing a Master's degree in Social Work. It is best to contact the Financial Aid Office at your chosen University for information about what type of assistance may be available.

Pursuing an MSW is just one step towards becoming a licensed social worker and making a real difference. With so many quality programs offered across California it is important to thoroughly research each one before making your decision on which type will best suit your needs and aspirations as a future social worker.


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