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A Master of Business Administration (MBA) in Public Administration degree provides students with the tools and knowledge to work in the public sector. It combines both business and management coursework with courses in political science, public policy, finance, economics, and law. Students learn to analyze policies, think critically about issues facing government organizations, and analyze difficult situations from a managerial perspective. By combining coursework from both the business world and public administration sector, MBA in Public Administration graduates are well-prepared to enter the public service field at any level.

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What is covered in an MBA program in Public Administration?

The curriculum for an MBA in Public Administration program covers topics such as political science, public policy, finance, economics, and law. It also includes business-related topics such as management principles, accounting techniques and organization theory.

What types of career paths can I pursue with an MBA in Public Administration?

Common career paths for MBA in Public Administration graduates include roles such as budget analyst, city manager or chief of staff for an elected official. In addition to those positions, graduates may also consider careers within non-profit agencies or government consulting firms.

How long does it take to complete an MBA program in Public Administration?

Most programs require two years of full-time study to complete all requirements for the degree. Some universities offer accelerated programs where students can complete their MBA within one year.

Are there any specializations offered within this type of degree?

Yes. Specializations vary by school but may include areas such as healthcare administration or public policy analysis. Depending on which route is chosen by the student they could focus on a particular region or country as well.

Will I have access to opportunities outside of my local area?

Absolutely! Through internships/externships and online classes/programs you will be able to work on projects related to global issues that affect not only your community but regions outside your immediate area too.

An MBA in Public Administration provides students with a unique skill set that combines elements from both business and politics. With the knowledge gained through core coursework and possible specializations depending on which institution is attended can lead to numerous career possibilities at any level within the public service field.


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