Marketing Mix Modeling Course

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Marketing mix modeling is a powerful technique used to determine the performance of different elements of marketing strategies. It provides marketers a better understanding of how each element is contributing to their overall sales, revenue and profitability goals. This course will examine the foundations of marketing mix modeling strategies and provide practical guidance on how to optimize them.

Table Of Content:

1. Marketing Mix Modelling | MMM
Marketing Mix Modelling | MMMMarketing Mix Modeling (MMM) was introduced in the 1960s to match spikes and dips in sales to actions taken in marketing (and external factors).

6. Elevate Your Marketing Mix and Attribution Modeling (Half Day ...
Elevate Your Marketing Mix and Attribution Modeling (Half Day ...Many marketers are disappointed by their lackluster marketing ROI. When they turn to market mix modeling and attribution services to help guide them to an ...

What topics will be covered in this course?

The course covers the fundamentals of marketing mix models including data sources, data preparation, model building techniques, and optimization techniques. Advanced topics such as multi-touch attribution models, A/B testing and experimentation are also discussed.

Is there any prerequisite for this course?

No prior knowledge of marketing mix modeling is required but it would be beneficial if participants have basic knowledge in statistics.

Who should attend this course?

This course is suitable for marketers who want to apply marketing mix modeling techniques to gain insights into their marketing performance, as well as analysts who are interested in exploring the power of analytics in marketing decisions.

How can I access the training materials?

All training materials will be provided digitally at the start of each session, so please make sure to bring your own laptop or device with you when attending the class.

This Marketing Mix Modeling Course provides a comprehensive overview of all topics related to this powerful technique, enabling marketers and analysts to effectively integrate analytics into their decision-making process. Participants will gain actionable insights that they can immediately use at work or further explore through additional study and practice in their own time.


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